What is Videoly for Brands?

Discover how Videoly brings brands and retailers together

Our solution aims to bring products to life with videos, resulting in an elevated experience for the user.

Central to  this is the union of retailers and brands . Brands spend considerable effort in creating product videos; we help brands distribute these videos to their products, effectively and seamlessly.

  • For retailers receiving videos directly from brands, Videoly for Brands automates this process,saving  retailers  the effort spent manually adding, assigning and updating brand videos.We are happy to liaise with any brands you work with and offer them a more automated, centralised solution that helps bring relevant video content to your online store. Simply send us a message via support@videoly.co and we will gladly get in touch with your contacts :)  
  • For brands, Videoly for Brands enables streamlined and automated product video distribution. Brand videos are easily connected to products across various retailers, ensuring brands’ desired  product story reaches the right audience at the right time. This also means s  brands’  videos are displayed in close proximity to the add-to-cart button, where they  inspire buyers and provide product information at point of sale.

Videoly for Brands also supports MP4 video formats.

Get started with Videoly for Brands here.

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