How to position the widget on your product page

How to add a DIV element to adjust the position of the widget

By default, the Videoly widget’s position is defined by the Videoly team.

We recommend placing the widget above the fold (for better watch rates) and in close proximity to the add-to-cart button. 

This can, of course, be changed by the website owner at any time.

You can also use the widget placeholder to determine a different location for the widget on mobile. 

In order to do this, a DIV element with ID (attribute) = “videoly-videobox-placeholder” should be added to the product page template in the desired place. Once this DIV element is on the page, the Videoly widget will attach itself to it as a child element.

Simply insert this code to the place on the product page template where you would like to see the Videoly widget:

<div id="videoly-videobox-placeholder"></div>

Note: there is no need to move Videoly’s <script> tag anywhere else. Just keep it at the end of the page before the </body> closing tag.

If you have any questions about this, or need a hand, please reach out via :)

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