Updating your site with Videoly: best practice check list

Get your updated online store off to the best start with Videoly.

The great new is: Videoly's solution is platform-independent!

You can either: 

  • Set up everything on you end using the checklist below, or 
  • Set up access to your new site for our sales engineering team to get everything up and running for you. Just reach out to us via support@videoly.co 

Here's a checklist on what to do to make your transition to your new online store seamless with Videoly.

  • Maintaining product information: Keeping the same product titles and product IDs as you transition to your new site helps the immediate transfer of all existing product video pairings.
  • Create invisible placeholders for product information: Make product data as reliable and consistent as possible for even better coverage. More on this HERE
  • Set a placeholder for the widget: If you're thinking of adjusting the widget's position, you can do this by adding a DIV element with ID (attribute) to your template. More on this HERE.  
  • Videoly code: Copy your Videoly code from your MyVideoly settings, or reach out to us via support@videoly.co
  • Testing environment: Whitelist your test domain in MyVideoly setting. More on this HERE. 



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