How to install Videoly in Shopify: a step-by-step guide

If your shop is using Shopify as a platform, it’s easy to integrate Videoly using Shopify’s native tools.

Installation of Videoly only requires a slight modification to the theme.

You can continue reading the step-by-step guide below, or watch the video guide here

Step-by-step guide 

When you open a list of themes, click on Actions -> Edit code, to access the raw code of template files. 

You will see a folder titled Snippets. 

  • Create a new snippet, which will be responsible for loading the Videoly widget 

  • Click 'Add a new snippet', name it videoly_loader and insert to the content of the snippet's body the JavaScript-code = Videoly tag which you received from the Videoly team (please see example depicted below) 

Don't forget to Save changes

The snippet should find its way to the product page template. 

To do this, select Sections. 

  • For most themes, the template is called main-product.liquid and should already be among your templates under Sections

In order to include the snippet, insert a tag at the bottom of the template by typing in the following line: 

{% render 'videoly_loader' %}
  • Don't forget to Save changes.

Done! The Videoly widget should appear on product pages right away!

If you need any further instructions, please don't hesitate to contact 

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