How to install Videoly in Shopify (step-by-step)

Videoly easily integrates using Shopify’s native tools. Installation of Videoly only requires a slight modification to the theme.

You can continue reading the step-by-step guide below, or watch the video guide here

💡We highly recommend placing your Videoly script on all pages of your online store. This will allow you to easily manage content for PDPs and non-PDPs alike. The script will not affect pages that are not configured for the widget.

Step-by-step guide 

  • Open your themes
  • Click on 'Actions' -> 'Edit code' to access the raw code of template files

You'll see a folder titled ''Snippets''. Create a new snippet, which will be responsible for loading the Videoly widget: 

  • Click 'Add a new snippet'
  • Name your snippet '' videoly_loader '' and 
  • Insert your store's unique Videoly tag ( JavaScript-code) into the snippet's body
  • Save changes!

The snippet should now be on your shop's template.

  • Navigate to 'Layout': For most themes, the template is called theme.liquid and should already be among your assets under ''Layout''
  • In order to include the snippet, insert a tag at the bottom of the template - right above the closing </body> tag by typing the following line: 
{% render 'videoly_loader' %}
  • Save changes.

Done! The Videoly widget should appear on product pages right away!

If you need any further instructions, please don't hesitate to contact 

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