Importing videos and products

Your Videoly for Brands tool makes uploading, linking and distributing videos to your retailer network quick and easy. 

ūüí°Here are some best practice tips to help you get started:

  • Whenever possible, we recommend opting for original videos files (e.g. MOV, MPG, MP4,...) over YouTube links. This is because YouTube links can expire or break -- these will then not be shown in the player.¬†We support several video formats.
  • Save some time by¬†setting up new sub-brands prior to import.
  • To make large imports quick and easy, we strongly recommend using a template that combines¬†both product and video information. Check out our templates¬†HERE.¬†
  • We recommend including the product name in respective video titles, wherever possible¬†

These are the key steps when uploading content

  • Importing and labelling videos

  • Importing products

  • Linking videos and products

Importing and labelling videos

Larger imports

We recommend using a template that combines both product and video information for larger imports to make sure you have all product and video information prepped and ready to upload to your V4B tool.

You can download one of the templates below:

If the videos you're importing share common properties -- such as brand, genre and language -- you can assign these in bulk prior to import. 

Default properties for videos include:

Smaller imports

Upload videos by dragging and dropping original video files, selecting a file from your computer or adding YouTube links.

If you've imported videos without adding default properties, you can do this now:

  • Go to the 'video' tab below the import section¬†
  • Assign the properties (brand, genre, language) to each video

Importing your products

  • Go to 'Products' under the imports section
  • You can either upload a file (using this template), or add products one by one
  • Make sure to include the products'¬†EAN/code¬†and¬†full title¬†

Linking videos and products

If you've not yet linked products to respective videos in the above step, you can do this manually either via the 'Video' or 'Products' tabs.

Here's how:

  • Go the the video or product card
  • At the top of the card find the ‚ÄúLink more‚ÄĚ button
  • Click on the button and select content for linking
  • Click on ‚ÄúSave‚ÄĚ and check all linked content

Oops! Made a mistake? Not to worry: you can unlink videos/products from the video or product card.

Publishing videos

Almost done: all that's left is to publish your videos!

Published videos will be reviewed by our team and go live max. 48 hours after you publish them. Our review will also take into account any schedule you have set for product launches. 

Your video thumbnails will feature status updates. 

Want to make your video experience more inclusive with captions? Learn more about adding captions in your V4B tool. 

Questions? Please reach out to us via


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