Markets and filtering

Filtering helps you control your content. Videoly for Brands contains two filtering options f. - markets and language.

Filter by markets: The scope of your Videoly for Brands licence will determine the markets to where your video content will get distributed. We then adjust content settings accordingly to exclude all retailers except those in desired markets

Filter by language  When uploading video content, it is important to choose the correct language for the videos. English videos are typically available on most retailers' product pages. Videos in French, for example, will flow to retailers domains who allow French language.

You can also choose to make your video content Voiceless, removing all sound and dialogue. This allows you to share the content globally, no matter the market’s language. This option should only be used on videos without subtitles or with English subtitles. Voiceless option for videos is available under language labels in video settings. 

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