Blocking and allowing videos and YouTube channels

Find out how to allow or block videos and YouTube channels in MyVideoly

You can also block and allow videos or entire YouTube channels under the 'Content' tab in your MyVideoly 'Settings'.

  • Block function: You can block videos and YouTube channels from all of your products. 
  • Allow function: We don't show videos on products that advertise third parties (e.g. online stores). If you would, however, like to show videos from a particular third-party channel you can do this by using the ''allow'' function. 
  • 💡We recommend prioritizing your shop's own YouTube channel. This will ensure that content from your channel will show first in the widget. 

Here’s how:

  • Paste in your channel's YouTube or video URL (Please note: it's important that you paste in the URL and not, for example, the 'name' of the YT channel / video, in order for our system to find the YT channel / video you have allowed or blocked)
  • Select whether you want to 'allow' or 'block' the video/YouTube channel
  • (When adding your shop's own YouTube channel, tick the 'own' box)
  • Save Settings

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