Videoly Pages add-on: captivate and guide your shoppers with videos on non-product pages

End-to-end shopper engagement made easy!

  • Add videos to non-PDPs, such as campaign, brand, category, or how-to pages – the options are endless. 
  • Make video a part of your entire customer journey - from non-product pages to PDPs.
  • Guide your buyers with the help of CTA links on videos. You can add up to 10 CTA links per video. End-to-end 

The best part: manage your non-product pages directly in your Videoly tool!

  1. Layout: Select between widget mode or embedded mode
  2. Create your pages with a simple copy-paste
  3. Add videos from YouTube or your curated product video library
  4. Add call-to-action links on your videos and guide your buyers to product pages, brand pages or campaigns
  5. Data: Follow performance on PDP and non-PDP videos in your Videoly dashboard

👉 Follow our Pages setup guide HERE.

Not yet using Pages?
Contact us at for a demo and unlock this add-on in your Videoly tool.



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