How can I adjust the appearance of the widget?

You can easily adjust the widget appearance in MyVideoly.
Navigate to Settings → Widget.

💡Our recommendation: Place the widget above the fold for the best possible watch rate. This makes videos immediately visible to your buyers, without the need to scroll lower down on the PDP.

💡Always click the yellow ‘Save’ button after making any adjustments. Changes will apply to your PDPs in real time. 

  • Layout: Choose between the slider and popup options
  • Thumbnail size: Select one of the three thumbnail options for desktop and mobile. 
    • Small (128x72 px) 
    • Medium (192x108 px)
    • Large (240x135 px) 
  • Corner rounding: Adjust corner rounding between 0px and 12px
  • Genre labels: Show or hide genre labels
  • Control buttons style: Opt between ‘outline’ or ‘solid'
  • You can also add custom CSS styles to your widget. 

Learn more about positioning the widget on your PDPs

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