How can I modify the appearance of the widget?

Customise your widget in MyVideoly

You can make the following adjustment to your widget in MyVideoly (Settings ---> Widget):

  • Video list CSS: styles for the widget’s iFrame (.videoly-box )
  • Player CSS: Videoly player, which opens when watching a video
  • Parent page CSS: elements of the parent page

  • Show more videos: choose how additional videos appear on the page when there are more than fit the widget
  • Overlay behind pop up: choose between a light grey overlay or none at all
  • Light or dark mode: this will impact the colours of the widget's elements
  • Genre labels in thumbnails: show or hide the genre labels, such as Presentation and How-to.
  • Hide or show the 'more' button when there are more videos available than fit the widget
  • Select horizontal or vertical layout
  • Enable widget on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Decide on the number of visible video thumbnails: select from 1 to 15

Note: always remember to SAVE your settings for them to take effect!

For more flexibility customising the widget, read about Videoly Widget API here.

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