Why can’t find a product in MyVideoly?

Here is an easy two-click solution.

There are two likely reasons why you might not be able to see a product in your MyVideoly products library:

  • The product has only just been added and has not yet been visited (products enter our database as they are visited)
  • The product has not seen traffic over the past 90 days or longer (showing products that have been visited over the past three months is how we prevent the products library in MyVideoly from becoming overloaded) 

You can easily make the products (re)appear in your products library:

  • Visit the product in your store
  • Refresh MyVideoly

Done! Your product will now be in your MyVideoly products library :)

If this does not do the trick, please contact us at support@videoly.co and we will check what could be causing this. 

This tip is also useful in cases when you are managing video content. Read more about this here

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