How long does it take for videos to appear next to my products?

Find out more about how products enter our database and are paired with videos

Now that you’ve installed Videoly, you're probably curious about how long it will take for your products to feature videos.

Products enter our database as they are visited in your online store. So, when the product is visited by one of your customers, it enters our database. This triggers the search for relevant video content. 

If an exact match is found in our database, the relevant video is imminently paired with your product and appears on the product page. Those products without a match in our database are handed to our curation team, who source user-generated and brand videos, scrutinise and validate video content, and release videos back into our database and from there -- onto your product pages. 

Every video we source undergoes technical validation, as well as human validation by our brilliant curation team, to ensure the quality and relevancy of the video content. This is why it takes a bit of time to build video coverage for your store. 

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