Videoly Reports

We send monthly reports to your MyVideoly. Among other things, these help you keep track of how many products are covered with video content, how the videos have been viewed, and what are the most successful videos. You can access your reports under the 'Reports' tab in your MyVideoly. This tab will appear after you receive your first Videoly report. 

Reports examine the following statistics over the reporting period

  • products matched with videos from date of implementation
  • videos added in total from date of implementation
  • active products with videos during the reporting period
  • active videos during the reporting period
  • total video views 
  • time spent on site watching videos
  • average time per video view
  • average view duration
  • boost to add-to-cart conversion
  • traffic per platform
  • top ten most engaging videos
  • top ten videos with the most views
  • top ten products with the most video views


Boost to add-to-cart (ATC) conversion

In this section, we show ATC conversion data on two groups: visitors who viewed a page featuring the widget without clicking on a video, to those who viewed a page featuring the widget and watched one or more videos. The add-to-cart clicks of these two groups help us calculate ATC-boost. 

ATC-boost takes into account watchers during the reporting period, plus 30 days prior (i.e. if someone decided to complete their purchase later).

For more analytics on video performance - such as bounce rate, exit rate or conversions - we highly recommend using the Google Analytics events we send you to set up segments! (Watch our how-to video HERE)

Questions about your reports

If you have any questions about the Videoly reports we provide, please feel free to reach out via



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