Multi-add tool: Adding videos to multiple products

MyVideoly’s multi-add tool makes adding videos to multiple products easy.

Step 1: Search for products in the search bar. There are two ways to do this:

  • Paste in multiple product SKUs or EANs in the search bar (separated by a space, comma or semicolon).
  • Search by product title (one by one) and select products as you perform multiple searches. Products will stay selected until you untick them.

💡When adding one or more videos to large product batches, you can select all products on succeeding pages by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the selection box: 

Step 2: Adding videos 

  • Click ‘+Add video’ at the top of your products list
  • Paste in the YouTube URL of the video you’d like to add
  • Assign a genre and language (*available languages in the drop-down menu are those that have been set for your shop)
  • If you’d like to add multiple videos to your products, click ‘add another video’ 


💡Only published products visited at least once appear in MyVideoly. Recently published products may not have seen traffic yet. Simply visit a new product on your site and refresh MyVideoly to make it appear in your products library. 

💡Manually added videos will feature a 'circled plus' in the video thumbnail (see example below) and get ranking priority, so they’ll appear in the widget before other videos.

💡We always ensure that only embeddable videos that are available on YouTube are displayed in the widget. We also perform this check on videos that you manually add via MyVideoly. 

If a video you have added cannot be embedded, or is not available on YouTube, you will see a notification of this in a green thumbnail (see example below).

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