Product variations and products

Under the ‘Products’ tab, you’ll now find two sections: ‘Product variations’ and ‘Products’

Product variations

Real products or SKUs with a unique identifier (e.g. EAN/code) that people can order or buy in an online shop.


Products are the common denominator for a group of product variations. You can have multiple product variations grouped under one product. 

Here’s an example:

‘’iPhone 13 pro’’ is a product. 

‘’IPhone 13 pro silver 128GB’’ and ‘’iPhone 13 pro unicorn blue 128GB’’ are product variations.


  • We highly recommend grouping product variations under a product to make the matching process with retailers’ products faster and more accurate. 
  • Grouping variations under a product ensures that all variations will benefit from being linked to a video added to a product (as opposed to having to add the same video separately for every product variation). 

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