Adding manually embedded videos to the widget

Learn more about our Grab and Hide feature and how this avoids broken links of embedded product videos

We can incorporate videos you have embedded on your product page into the widget. This is called ''Grab and Hide''.  

What do we mean by 'grab'?

  • ‘Grab’ refers to us using a feature of the widget that finds existing videos on your product page and adds them to the widget. Your videos will be placed alongside all other videos in the widget, bringing them to a more visible position on your page. This allows you to also get analytics on the video views for these videos. 
  • In order to set the grabber up, we need to know the location of manually embedded videos on your pages. 

What do we mean by ‘hide’?

  • After grabbing a video, we also hide the original thumbnail to draw attention to  videos in the widget and to prevent the same videos from appearing twice on your page. Hidden videos will still be in your system, but only viewable in the widget.
  • Note: if your videos are in a picture carousel or on a separate tab, we are not able to hide them for you on our end. After we have grabbed a video in these cases, you can hide them on your end.

We are able to 

  • both grab and hide videos on your product pages 
  • or simply grab videos, without hiding, if you would like to keep the original video thumbnails where they are. 

💡The Grab and Hide feature prevents  broken links from appearing in thumbnails when videos are removed from YouTube. Within the widget, these expired links are automatically not shown, resulting in a more pleasing appearance to of your product page and a better customer experience for your shoppers.

Grabbed videos in MyVideoly 

Any grabbed videos will feature a small wheel at the bottom left of the video thumbnail when you enter the product card.

If a grabbed video is no longer available on YouTube, you will see a green thumbnail with a note on this. 

Let us know at if you'd like to take Grab & Hide into use.

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