Changing product information or layout: how to easily stay set up with Videoly

How to make a seamless transition to your new platform or site

We want to support your store's growth and give your customers an interactive, informative shopping experience. Key to this is ensuring a smooth transition as you launch your new site on a different platform, make layout changes or change product information. 

Layout changes

  • When changing the layout of your product page, it is important that Videoly is still able to collect the correct product information. Keeping title, product numbers and other data in hidden placeholder elements will ensure that the widget fetches information automatically and consistently, regardless of changes to the web page. Read more about how to share product information. 
  • You can also adjust the position of the widget: Read more about positioning the widget here.
  • And you can adjust the widget's appearance. 

Changes to Product information

  • If you are making significant changes to the way you name/identify products in your online store, please reach out to . This way we can touch base and make sure we are aligned to all your changes on our end and prevent any loss  of  video content.
  • You can find out more about the product information we collect and why it matters here.

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